the main two parameter to measure of mud pump

  • Theory

    Though drilling is the basic operation, it is the one that requires the fewest number of people. ... The other two parameters, rotation and mud flow rate, are generally preset. .... The other functions (pumping, rotation) are sized according to the conventional drilling and .... 2.7) which measures the tension on that end of the line.

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  • Drilling Mud: Monitoring and Managing It Schlumberger

    [T]The five main functions of ... Density is measured with a simple balance. (above, right) ... the pump rate low to maintain laminar flow, ... two parameters that characterize mud rheology according to the so called Bingham modelin this model...

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  • Mud pump Wikipedia

    [edit]. There are two main parameters to measure the performance of a mud pump: Displacement and Pressure.

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  • Mud logging PetroWiki

    Jun 25, 2015 ... 1 Objectives of mud logging; 2 Mud logging data acquisition; 3 Maintaining data ... Maintaining a record of drilling parameters. ... Drilling fluid is stored in the mud pit, drawn into the mud pumps, and pumped into the drillpipe via the kelly. .... The basic measurements include a determination of the "total" gas...

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  • Wellsite math AAPG Wiki

    Feb 18, 2016 ... 2 Wellbore volumes; 3 Weight of collars or casing; 4 Mud pump output .... this equation to determine volume in barrels per foot, then multiplying that value ... and capacity equals the hole volume), the basic formula results in an...

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  • Mud Pump System Fault Tree Analysis IEEE Xplore Document

    In order to assess drilling mud pump reliability, system fault tree is established b. ... In order to assess drilling mud pump reliability, system fault tree is established based on collecting its main ... Published in: Instrumentation and Measurement, Computer, Communication ... Print on Demand(PoD) ISBN: 978 1 4799 6576 2.

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  • Main principles of pumps selection. Calculation of pumps

    ... Pump stations · Mud pumps · Jet pumps · Pneumatic pumps · Main principles of pumps selection. ... Key design parameters of pumps (performance capacity, head, power); Capacity .... The entire diversity of types of pumps can be divided into two main groups with ... selection of pumps, pump calculation, pump calculate...

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  • Drilling and Production Equipment

    CNPC's major drilling and production equipment includes drilling rigs, drilling ... and a displacement of 46.5L/S with a liner of Φ180mm. These two models are the first ... F 1600HL, F 2200HL mud pumps with high power and high pressure are ... geological and engineering parameters and sensor bit distance measured in...

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  • Method of automatically determining drilling fluid lag time while ...

    Apr 26, 1988 ... Primary Class: ... correlating the measured mud parameter with the calculated lag time and thus to depth. ... Two or three drilling mud pumps outputting different volumes per stroke pumped required the mud logger to calculate...

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  • State and parameter identification applied to dual ... bibsys brage

    simulation results and the field measurements works as a natural measure of ..... Mud from tanks on board the rig is fed to the main rig pump, which pumps ... two of the most important parameters in designing and drilling a well for oil and gas,.

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  • Approach Automates Monitoring And Analysis Of Hydraulics In Real ...

    LEOBEN, AUSTRIADrilling hydraulics are a key parameter in the well ... In addition, the lack of accurate flow measurement in and out of the well on ... With respect to changing pumping equipment efficiency, the mud pumps represent the main ... A weight to weight connection (representing the time between two drilled...

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  • On Surface Petrophysical Analytical Logging Search and Discovery

    Aug 15, 2016 ... OPAL is measuring the drilling cuttings circulated up, collected and analyzed .... collects the drilling parameters for precise lag calculation and mechanical ... The final stage of the OPAL System is the Dual Flow Mud Pump System that is ... of 4 major parts of various measurements and filtering of raw data:.

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  • Patent WO2015023185A1 Real time mud monitoring Google ...

    Feb 19, 2015 ... The invention provides a system for real time mud monitoring. ... System according to claim 1 or 2, wherein the interface in real time to the .... of the mud pump, for measuring mud property parameters as delivered and .... off line main process Batch measuring for feasible parameters like gel and rheology.

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  • Rig Instrumentation System and Load Pins Ocean Drilling Program

    parameters in digital and graphical formats pro ... measurement, two instrumented load pins ... with varying mud pump rates. ... Primary data variables.

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  • Pump Output Calculation for Duplex Pump and Triplex Pump

    Apr 20, 2009 ... There is an Excel sheet for mud pump output calculation. ... In this post, you will learn how to calculate pump out put for triplex ... Triplex Pump Output in bbl/stk = 0.000243 x (liner diameter in inch) 2 X ... You may need to pump a certain volume and compare the actual volume pump and the calculated value.

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  • What's the Difference Between a Pump and a Compressor ...

    Dec 18, 2015 ... A closer look at different types of pumps and compressors. ... Two basic types classify pumps: positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps. Positive displacement ... Head is used to measure the kinetic energy of a centrifugal pump. Head is the ... The head will not change in value. Below is list of...

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  • Utilizing Instrumented Stand Pipe for Monitoring Drilling Fluid ...

    Jun 1, 2012 ... Nevertheless, two of the main parameters of the drilling fluid, namely .... measured by counting the strokes from the mud pump. The pump is...

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  • Kicks PetroWiki

    Jun 26, 2015 ... 1 Factors affecting kick severity; 2 Kick labels; 3 Causes of kicks ... 4.2 Pit volume increase (primary indicator); 4.3 Flowing well with pumps off .... the suction pit because accurate mud volume measurement with this sort of pump is impossible. .... Mud properties; Formation parameters; Drillstring parameters.

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  • Development and application of ZM 2 drilling fluid density ...

    Skip to main content .... ZM 2 drilling fluid adjustment mixing device has two inlets: seawater inlet and heavy mud inlet. ... After passing through different branch pipes and necessary parameters are measured by the electromagnetic flowmeter, ... The drilling fluid from the export pipeline can be directly sent to mud pump for...

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  • IWCF Student Exercise Book Intertek

    Intertek Consulting & Training Unpublished work. All rights reserved. Page 2. Revision ... A heavy mud pill is circulated in the well without stopping the pump at any time. ... Calculate the bottom hole pressure once the light slug is in the drill pipe. .... C. Check for flow if none, then return to the original drilling parameters.

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  • Research on Mud Flow Rate Measurement Method Based on ...

    Jun 7, 2017 ... [24] measured the mud flow rate using the impulse generated by the ... [9] analyzed various parameters when gas kick occurs, such as flow, pressure, ... The basic principle of the ultrasound flow meter is shown in Figure 1. ...... The integrated mud pump can prompt a circulation flow of mud in the pipe.

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  • Introduction Drilling fluid function and performance IADC

    (IEF), high performance water based mud (HPWBM), drill in fluid (DIF) and .... Pump Discharge Line. Mud Tank/Pit ... Viscosity is measured with two primary tools; a) the Marsh ... the maximum shear stress value while slowly turning the ro .

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  • Cantilever Pump, SS 316 SELF PRIMING PUMP, SS Mud Pump, PP ...

    Mud pumps are stringently checked on many parameters, of main two are. Pressure. Pressure is the significant criteria to measure mud pump quality. How much...

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  • Crain's Petrophysical Handbook Mud Logging And Mud Gas Logging

    The main purpose is to identify all hydrocarbon indications from the rock samples ... Total gas in the mud is measured in units of parts per million, but does not ... with drilling mechanics, sample descriptions, and mud gas readings, showing two ... Since it is necessary for the gas detector to extract, pump to the logging unit,...

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  • maintanence manual triplex pump ws 1300/1600 White Star Pump

    PROPERLY LOCK OUT OR DISCONNECT MAIN POWER SOURCE TO THE PUMP BEFORE .... White Star Triplex pumps have two independent lubrication systems which provide .... Be sure to tighten fasteners to the proper torque value.

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  • Research on fault diagnosis of mud pump fluid end based on ...

    Jun 20, 2017 ... A mud pump is one of the three key components of a drilling site, and its lifetime ... Grey relational analysis, whose basic thought is to determine the ..... Figure 2. Wavelet packet decomposition. Parameter optimization of back...

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  • Drilling and Well Construction Oregon Institute of Technology

    Two basic types of drilling rigs are used for drilling wells: cable .... Temperatures can be measured at the surface, after water ..... Lubricate mud pump, bit and the annulus between the .... water passing through the filter paper in 30 minutes is.

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  • IWCF Distance Learning Drilling Calculations Part 3 International ...

    Have knowledge of the main systems of measurement and their units. Understand the most ... Be able to calculate the volume of mud in each part of a well bore. Be able to calculate pump strokes and times to pump. .... The pressure of drilling mud passing through the bit. d. The weight of the drill string in mud. 2. Select the...

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  • Development of an Energy Consumption Model Based on Standard ...

    Page 2 ... developed and empirical measurements are made to track performance ... consumption models for each of the major energy consumers of a rig: mud ... As a result, the thesis proves the possibility to use the drilling parameters to accurately .... Table 7: Mud pump calculation results used in the model with 0.2 Hz...

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  • Drilling & Mud Logging Casing (Borehole) Drilling Rig Scribd

    2. January 2008. Drilling & Mud Logging. TABLE OF CONTENTS .... This paper will recapitulate the drilling operation, the main materials used in drilling as well as the ... Mud Pumps: used to pump mud with high pressure into the well. ... Some parameters are measured by means of the sensors fixed on different parts of the...

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  • How Does An Electronic Pump Stroke Counter Work

    Feb 23, 2017 ... Pump stroke counters assist the driller by measuring the mud ... The two main kinds of pumps used are duplex and triplex pumps, where the...

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  • Oil Well Fracture Pump Monitoring and Analysis Using LabVIEW ...

    What most C programmers take two years to do, we can accomplish in a ... to design a pump monitoring system that monitors the operating parameters of a...

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  • Practical Application of a Densitometer for Measuring Drill Cuttings ...

    Mud rheology and flow rate are the primary parameters that can be adjusted. However, when limitations with pump capacity and down hole fracture gradient ... 2) Identify devices used to measure slurry density in other industrial applications. 3).

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  • Drilling Brochure - Viatran

    MWD, Mud Pump Pressure. The workhorse of ... Pump Discharge Pressure. Hammer Union ... Measure drilling mud pressure to ... Viatran pressure transmitters play a major role in maintaining safety on ... 2. 4. 5. Power Generation Units. Measure lube oil, water and hydraulic fluid pressures ... Viatran value is measured in.

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  • Coriolis sensors open lines to real-time data - Drilling Contractor

    Sep 21, 2011 ... ... engineer with advanced notice of major changes to drilling parameters. ... Traditionally the mud pump stroke count was used to calculate flow rate ... Integrating the data accuracy and reliability of these two sensors into a...

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  • PlantSafe Specification Sheet - Early Detection of Pump Damage

    is based on the measurement of structure-borne noise, vibrations ... bearing pump shaft bearing motor bearing 1 bearing 2 shaft mud pump 1 balance pump 5.

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  • Drilling rigs main compnents - SlideShare

    Apr 5, 2013 ... [edit]Performance ParametersThere are two main parameters to measure the performance of a Mud Pump: Displacement and Pressure.

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  • Assessment of Mechanical Specific Energy Aimed at Improving ...

    But research activity that could be a major step in the evaluation of the ... Rotary drilling can be done in two parts: a) the axial force (weight on the bit) ... When the mud pump was used in well, correlation 1-5 for obtaining ... Mechanical specific energy determines the parameters of drilling and energy unit to remove the rock.

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  • technical review : borehole drilling and rehabilitation under field

    6.1.2. Borehole well screens. 55. 6.1.3. Gravel pack. 58. 6.1.4. Pump selection ... Annex 5 Basic drilling contract: Clauses and specifications ... Table 2. Comparison of drilling methods. 29. Table 3. Mud rotary: Circulation fluid ... Figure 15 Measuring the blowing yield of a newly drilled borehole ... difficulty passing through.1.

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  • drilling facilities -

    Jul 1, 1998 ... ANNEX B - DRILLING PARAMETER REQUIREMENTS (NORMATIVE) ... The main objective of this NORSOK standard is to contribute to an ... Revision 2 of this standard is an overall improvement and ... Measurement While Drilling. ...... The HP mud pumps shall be equipped with lifting facilities for liner and...

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